About us
Xsidekick  was established in 2003, by a group of computer engineers with decades of experiences in computer system development. We ride through many waves of technology from client server concept to web based. We see the revolutionary development of open source technology in software development. Open source concept becomes very popular due to its flexibility, reliability and excellent price-performance strengths. We also see the reach of new breed mobile phones which can be used as tools to expand capacity of core applications at the main office; enabling all workers to work equally well regardless whether they are at the headquarter or in the fields.
Xsidekick main objective is to integrate open source technology with existing information technology and where applicable the mobile phone technology to become THE SOLUTIONS for corporate users and end users. Our staffs have a firm commitment to build and develop the best corporate applications and mobile applications utilizing all the advantages that the open source technology provided.
Xsidekick's goal is to help customers select and implement the best solution at the best possible value. So our customers can save money and grow their business.
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