Personal folders and hierarchies Ability to create personal folders and folder hierarchies
Message sort Ability to sort messages based on subject, date, or sender
Flags Ability to flag/unflag messages/conversations for follow up
Filters Ability to define filter rules and priorities for incoming messages
Advance Search Capabilities Ability to search by sender / receiptant / subject or content
Signatures Ability to add a custom signature to a message
User-controlled forwarding Ability for a user to set an automatic forwarding address and choose whether to leave a copy in the primary mailbox
Reply with attachments option Option to Reply or Reply-All while retaining the attachments from the original message
Create calendar appointment from message Ability to drag a message to a mini-calendar date to create an appointment based on the message
Support for multiple external email accounts Users can identify other POP email accounts that they have, retrieve email from those accounts and save in specific folders
Drag/drop Contact to mini-cal date to create appointment Ability to drag a Contact to a mini-calendar date to create an appointment with that Contact
Multiple Address Books per mailbox Ability to create multiple Address Books in a single mailbox
Single-copy message storage Messages (including attachments) sent to multiple users are stored once to optimize storage space
Quotas Ability to set quotas for mailbox size and number of Contacts
Message retention policies Ability to define retention policies for all messages, trashed messages, and/or junk messages
Native anti-spam Natively includes Spam Assassin and the DSPAM filter for spam protection (can be turned on/off)
Automated spam training Messages that users mark as Junk / Not Junk are automatically fed into the spam training engine
Native anti-virus Natively includes Clam AntiVirus for virus protection (can be turned on/off)
Attachment blocking Ability to block attachments based on criteria such as attachment type or size
Mail to mobile Ability fo check e-mail via mobile
Mail to SMS Ability to send SMS for urgent mail
Contact sync Syncronize contact with mobile

Voice / Conferencing

VoIP Allow voice communication over internet network
Softphone/IP-Phone Ability to use hardware IP-Phone or enable PCs to act as office telephones
Click to call User can directly click phone number in contact or mail to initiate a call
Mobile Registering Ability to use mobile phone as an extension number of company phone system
Live Presentation Attendees can see live presentation from their computers during the presentation
Multiple VoIP Ability to to share presenter's voice and video and also assign webcam / microphone to any participant upon moderator's control
Document and Whiteboard Sharing Presenter can share the document or whiteboard during the conference
Calendar Integration Integrate with calendar to schedule the webconference meeting
Instant Message
Presence Ability to see colleague's presence status (e.g., available, away, off-line, do not disturb)
Real Time Collaboration Allow employees, managers and executives to collaborate in real time, faster than e-mail
Whiteboard Sharing Allow whiteboard sharing for better communication during real time collaboration
Chat to Call Immediately switch from text chat to voice communication
External IM Gateway Ability to connect to extermal IM (e.g., msn, yahoo!)


Personal scheduling Ability to schedule personal appointments
Group scheduling Ability to schedule meetings and view attendees' free/busy information
Recurrences and recurrence exceptions Ability to create recurring meetings and exceptions to recurring meetings
Calendar alerts Option to enable an alert popup for upcoming appointments
Time zone adjustment Appointments/schedules are automatically displayed in the users current time zone
Day, Week, Work Week, Month views Ability to view calendars in Day, Week, Work Week, or Month views
Quick Accept / Tentative / Decline from calendar views Ability to quickly mark Accept/Tentative/Decline from calendar views
Multiple calendars per mailbox Ability for a user to create multiple calendars within a single account
Calendar Sharing Share calendar to others for view/edit
Mobile Synchornizing Syncronize calendar with mobile

Document Management

Document Access Permission / Space management Define authentication and authorization to manage groups and subgroups of members, member attributes, and member workspaces
Versioning Ability to keep version of documents both minor and major updated version
Check In Check Out Check-Out a document to prevent others from writing to it at the same time and check-in after finishing
MS Office Integration Allow authoring and viewing documents an Office environment
Advance Search Allow search function to perform by criteria serch and content search

Work Flow

Dynamic Form Builder Design custom forms for all processes using drag-and-drop interface
Business Process Management Easily create and develop business rules and logic to control business process
System Integration  
Enterprise Portal
Single Entry/Single Sign-On Ability to login one time for all functions and ability to access all functions from one single entry screen
Corporate News and Announcement Incorporate corporate news and announcement into a portal
Blogs Ability to define blogs for anyone
Wiki Allow assigned user to view/update wiki
RSS Reader Consolidate information from various sources into one or more windows
Personalized Ability to customize screen layout base on individual needs
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